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How do I setup a new mailbox for my domain?


To setup a new mailbox for your domain, you need to log into your web hosting account through the control panel by supplying your login credentials. Log into your web hosting account by clicking here. (Will open in a new window.)

After successfully having logged in, click on E-MAIL CONTROL in the top navigation bar, which will take you to the administration area for email accounts. Here you will find a list over your currently installed domains.

By clicking on Mailboxes under options next to the domain name you wish to setup a new mailbox for, you will be taken to the list of already setup mailboxes for that particular domain. Note, if no mailboxes haven’t previously been created, the list will be empty.

Click on the ADD MAILBOX button in the bottom of the list.

In the field Mailbox address, fill in the name of your new mailbox (E.g., 'gummi'). Do NOT add any '@' or domain name, as it will automatically be added. Next you have to choose a password for the mailbox you are creating, by entering it in the field labeled Mailbox password. The password must be at least 8 characters, and no more than 32 characters in length, and contain at least one number. Optionally, you can choose to set up an auto-responder by filling details in the auto-responder form. When you’re done, click NEXT STEP in the bottom of the page.

You now have to choose a mailbox username. Per default the system chooses a username for the mailbox, so you do not actually have to choose one yourself. If you, however, decide to choose a username yourself, the new username:

  • Must be a maximum of 30 characters long
  • Must be at least 10 characters long
  • Must contain at least one '-' character
  • Must start with an A-Z character

Click NEXT STEP and you are done! Please allow the system 30 minutes to finish the process before starting using the new mailbox.

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